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M57 335D - X5 35D - Tuning - EGR-DPF-SCR-FLAPS-Stage 1 - Stage 2

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After working with these 335D - X5 35D vehicles for a while, we decided to release our tuning services to the public and out of state customers.

This tune is for 2009 - 2011 BMW 335D and 2009 - 2013 X5 35D models.

California residents: Only stage 1 tune will be available without any deletes (Option 2). Sorry for the inconvenience, but tuning with deletes will not be done if you're within California.

We have many options to choose from for this vehicles.

Option 1: DPF and/or EGR and/or SCR delete and/or Swirl Flaps, keep stock performance parameters. - $500

Option 2: Stage 1 tune - +70hp +80tq - EGR-SCR delete optional - $650

Option 3: Stage 2 tune - DPF-EGR-SCR-FLAPS-Speed Limiter off - +110hp +150tq - $750

In most cases, we will update the DDE to newest BMW software and then perform the performance software tuning. This will help with drive-ability and run on newest operation firmware.

Any of our Stage 1/Stage 2 tunes, help with throttle response, more power/torque, and improve MPG of your vehicle. It's literally one of the best mods that you can do to your diesel BMW.


EGR valve will have to be blocked off or bypassed completely in order for egr delete to work correctly.


Please print out this form and mail it in with your DDE. DDE will not be flashed until the form is filled out and sent to us. Thank you.



Here's a few dyno graphs of our stage 2 customer cars.

2009 X5 35D - Stock vs Stage 2 tune and DPF/SCR/EGR off.

X5 35D stage 2 vs stock

X5 35D Stage 2 vs Stock - TQ 


DUDMD 335D vs Stock 335D. Red had JBD as well at 70% setting, which adds about 25-30WHP.


DUDMD 335D vs stock. Pink stock, Red pull had Stage 2 tune, Rev9 intercooler, Custom 3" downpipe, No cat, muffler delete, EGR race pipe kit, snow performance meth injection with 50/50 water/meth, JBD at 70%. Resulted in 470hp/700tq at the crank.




Youtube of the 335D @ 470hp/700tq